Since early man times, the art of love making (sex) has meant different things for different regions and cultures. For some people it is magical and for others it is purely physical and a form of pleasure. Few people also consider it as a sporting act or some people make their living involving themselves in the act. In some cultures the word SEX itself is a taboo.

10 Bizarre Ways Sex can make you a Better Person

Whatever it is, we all know the common benefits like keeping us healthy and connecting with our partners that we all are aware of. Here are some of the reasons why having sex or love making is great for you and how it can make you a better person which are often less spoken of.

1. Improved self awareness

Each one of us has our weirdest and wildest fantasies when it comes to sex. We like to explore everything under the sun when it comes to this. But sometimes we do not know what our exact likes and dislikes are until we experienced them. For example, one of us might have a fantasy of having it in the backside of car considering the excitement of getting caught and less space but finally when you experienced it, you might not like it as much as you liked it before. I am not saying you should try out everything which puts you and the other person under risk, but by trying out something that you haven’t, you get to know more about yourself. The next time when you get into such situation (need not the same as I mentioned though), you can handle the situation in a much better way. All I am trying to say is don’t live a life of assumptions and raise unnecessary expectations out of every situation that you come across.

2. You master the art of body language

You don’t get into bed with someone right from the word go and end it with an awesome orgasm. You need to understand the non-verbal signals given by the other person and then act accordingly to get to that stage. Even after getting to that stage, in order to have an awesome experience, you need to pay attention to the signals given by the other person while you are making love with each other.  The more you practice, the better you get at it. Also, don’t expect to be the master of body language right from the first encounter because you do not know the other person completely and sometimes you may not be under your own control in that particular situation. Start slow and then move on to more sophisticated situations. Mastering the art of body language is a learning process and we know each person is different in his/her own way. Mastering this art proves to be very beneficial as it can be applied to various situations in our lives which helps us grow and become a better version of ourselves.

3. You make a difference in other’s lives

Getting intimate with the other person is no small thing, at least in some parts of the world.   The reason might be anything. It could be just for pleasure or to take the relationship to a whole new level. I am not encouraging you to get intimate with someone just for pure pleasure considering the cons of it. It’s your own choice. Try to make a decision that benefits both the parties. If it is for a noble cause or the other person is desperate for the next generation and if you are healthy and disease free, then go ahead and do it. That is a life changing moment for them. You not only make a difference in the other person’s life but also it gives you a sense of satisfaction.

4. You become more creative

This comes as no surprise. As a human being who sometimes wants the approval of others and also want to satisfy others, you start to think out of the box and get more creative. Doing the same thing again and again tend to get boring and repetitive. Once you get predictable in the bed, it is no more exciting as it is in the beginning and even you start feeling it as a chore instead of some exciting activity. A small tip that you can try to spice up your sessions is never be an open book to the other person right from the first time. Let the other person do the guess work. Same thing applies to you. Try out different things. See what pleases you and the other person more and add more creative stuff to it and take it to a whole new level. Remember that there is always room for improvement no matter what you do. Same thing applies here.

5. You become the walking version of Kamasutra

With all the experience that you get, you know all the ins and outs of love making. You know which position is good depending on the situation since you have tried them all under various circumstances. You know which product is better than the other and so on. The next time when a situation arises where in you have to clarify something to someone, you don’t have to Google it or go to the nearest library and start turning the pages. Also being knowledgeable about something makes you more confident and brings out the best in you in any situation. You know all the safe practices and also different aids that can enhance your love making sessions if there is any need. You can also pass on the knowledge to others and to your children by being open with them after a certain age so that they don’t take any haste decisions and later regret.

6. You master the art of selfless giving

When it comes to love making, we put the other persons’ needs above ours. According to a research, when the person on the receiving end is happy it makes the other person happier and satisfied automatically. Also the giver feels more confident and strives to give more and more even without asking for it. The giver subconsciously places the receiver at a higher position and tends to give more importance to their feelings and emotions which is a selfless act. By doing this repeatedly, there comes a state where it becomes so natural that you find a special feeling in selfless giving and start doing it more often. A selfless act is always done by a person of good character. You start respecting other people and their feelings which is a very good for the society to develop. It also places you in a better position in other persons view. This way you are not only satisfying your partner but also trying to make this world a better place to live in for you as well as the coming generations.

7. You become wealthy

This is one of the bizarre ways but again it depends on what you do with the money that you earn and also what value you add to the other person’s life. With so many sperm banks and egg banks sprouting up, if you are healthy enough you can donate them and make money risk and guilt free. Also when you are donating to the banks, you tend to spend less time on masturbating everyday thereby making you gain control on your own thoughts and also feel less fatigued by the end of the day. I am not saying stop self-love sessions completely but prefer making love with a legitimate partner instead of flushing out your energy into the commode. Trust me and practice this and you will see a lot of difference for yourself. Also you will be more satisfied by the time you reach orgasm. Now the time that you invest in such a secondary thing could be invested in something more productive that can help you in advancing your career thereby increasing your chances of becoming wealthier.

8. You are now a creator

From the beginning till the end you are involved in the creation process. If you consider it as reproduction, it’s like devaluing yourself. You create something unique that only you are capable of. You are a spiritual being and only you are capable of doing it. There is a reason behind your creation which you  may or may not know but the one you are about to create, do it for a noble cause which you feel good about yourself later if not now. In the process of creation, you become one with your higher self. You balance the male and female energies in the divine creation process. If you have a special talent in any field, you may pass on that legacy through your DNA thereby creating another version of yourself if not a better one.

9. You will know your limits

There comes a stage while having sex where you feel exhausted both physically and mentally. Doing something above your limits all the time is risky and makes no sense because after a certain point you don’t feel good about doing it. By knowing your limits, you can avoid any awkward situations that you come across. You open up yourself more and in a better way to your partner. Also, it is very important to know your limits because without that you can put your life at stake. You learn to say NO which is a very important skill to learn to develop and advance in life..

10. You get better in every walk of your life

Yes, you got me right. The skills that you use inside the four walls help you in almost all the situations like –

  • the way you deal with people
  • your hygiene and health levels tend to improve
  • the way you express and carry yourself
  • your confidence levels goes up
  • you become innovative

You walk the path that is less travelled and create wonders by setting an example to others with the focus, concentration and skills that you possess. People look at you as someone more charming and knowledgeable because of all the qualities that you possess outside the four walls.  You can be an adviser to your friend or colleague who is suffering with some problem related to sexual life. With the qualities that you possess, you can face any challenge in life and overcome it. You are a true master of your own life unless you don’t get addicted to it!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself under the sheets and get busy with your partner!

Good Luck!

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To your health and fitness,

Ravi Kumar G

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