Previously on FitMonk, you’ve learnt on how to start with Tabata Training. Here, you’ll be introduced to a 10 minute killer core Tabata workout which help you to get in better shape. This workout will also help in burning fat for next 24 hours.

This full body Tabata workout can be performed by anyone

  • who wants to burn fat quickly
  • with less time to work entire core region
  • who loves cardio and like to amp up their heart rate
  • with decent fitness levels and experience doing HIIT workouts

This workout cannot be performed by those

  • who are beginners and haven’t assessed their fitness levels yet
  • with any injuries
  • who doesn’t like body weight training
  • who doesn’t want a strong and killer core

Alright, enough said. Let’s get straight to the full body tabata workout and see what exercises it comprises of.

10 Minute Killer Core Tabata Workout

In case you have no idea on what tabata training is, here’s a brief for you.

It is a form of HIIT. The basic structure of Tabata Training program looks like:

  • Workout with your Highest Intensity possible for 20 seconds
  • Rest for 10 seconds
  • Repeat 8 times

Total workout duration for each cycle – (20 + 10) * 8 = 240 seconds = 4 minutes

  • If you are just starting out, finish only one cycle and if you are currently working out with other types of training, incorporate it into it on every alternate day as High-Intensity exercises needs some extra rest to recover.
  • If you have some experience with Interval Training, finish 2 cycles. After each cycle, take a minute rest. So total workout time ( excluding pre-workout warm up -10 minutes and post workout stretching- 5-10 minutes)- 10 minutes
  • If you are an advanced athlete, finish 3-4 cycles, taking a minute of rest after each cycle. So total workout time ( excluding pre-workout warm up -10 minutes and post workout stretching- 5-10 minutes)- 15-20 minutes

To know more details about it, check out how to get started with Tabata Training.

Here are the exercises in this killer core Tabata workout.
  1. Leg Raise
  2. Push ups
  3. Knee up Crunches
  4. Elbow Plank
How to do the killer core Tabata workout
  • Perform the first exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds
  • Then perform the second and rest. Continue till the fourth exercise
  • Now, start from first exercise again for another round to finish one cycle
  • Once the cycle finishes, recover for a minute
  • Repeat the cycle for twice to complete the killer core Tabata workout

For a complete demonstration of the workout and all the exercises involved in this Tabata workout with proper form, check out the video on FitMonk’s YouTube Channel.

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You can use the below image for your reference for doing this workout and share it with your friends to challenge them.

Additional Tips:
  1. Do warm up for 5 – 10 minutes before the workout
  2. Use a Tabata timer app for the workout (my personal favourite is Tabata Stopwatch)
  3. Focus on your form while maintaining the maximum intensity possible for you during the workout
  4. Keep your hydrated throughout the workout
  5. Don’t forget to stretch it out after the workout
  6. Ask your friends/peers to join you in the workout as it’ll be more fun and challenging

Did you do the above killer core Tabata workout? How did you find it? We’d love to hear from you. Kindly leave your comments below as it helps others as well.

Good Luck!

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To your health and fitness,

Ravi Kumar G.

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