Are you hungry for results but lack in time because of your tight schedules? If your workmates take a dim view of extended lunchtime workouts, then supersets are the solution. Before we move on to learning the best ways to superset exercises, let’s look at what does a superset mean.

What is a Superset?

When you perform two exercises back to back without any rest in between, it’s called a SUPERSET. Once the superset is finished, rest between 90 – 120 sec for optimal recovery period.

This simple yet highly effective technique provides multiple benefits:

  • since you’re performing the sets back to back, you’ll finish your workout in less time
  • as you’re working out back to back, it keeps your heart rate elevated for the duration of the workout and hence, you’ll burn fat quickly
  • also, it provides a spike in your metabolism to keep you burning more calories throughout the day

3 Best Ways to Superset Exercises

Here are the 3 best ways to superset exercises.

  1. Opposites
  2. Upper body to lower body
  3. Compound to Isolated

Let’s get to know each of these ways to superset exercises.

1. Opposites

During my initial days of training, to have a more balanced physique I used this way to superset exercises. Basically in this, you choose one exercise and then immediately jump into it’s opposite or antagonising muscle group.

Few examples could be…

  • Pushing to Pulling
  • Quads to Hamstrings
  • Biceps to Triceps

2. Upper body to Lower body

As the title suggests, with these exercises you go from upper body exercise to lower body exercise. However, when choosing this way to superset exercises, be mindful not to combine two heavy weight compound movements.

Few examples could be…

  • Military Press to Squats
  • Rows to Lunges
  • Bicep curls to Deadlifts

And a shit ton more to choose from.

3. Compound to Isolated

These work really well. Go from a big compound exercise right into a small more isolated exercise. I personally prefer this variation of super-setting exercises in my training.

Few examples could be…

  • Bent over rows to bicep curls
  • Bench press to Tricep extensions
  • Squats to Hamstring curls
  • Military press to Tricep press down

Again, there’s a ton more to choose from. But these are some of the combinations that I use and suggest to people as they have been proven to give significant results out of your training.

A word of caution though…

Since the amount of rest periods is less in between sets, try to use less weight compared to your regular standards. For example, if you can bench press with 200 lbs regularly, use 150 lbs with supersets.

Now that you’ve learnt the best ways to superset exercises, here’s a sample workout implementing what you’ve seen above.

Full Body Superset Workout

Perform this workout alone without adding any additional training as that can lead to over training. Be sure to warm up and stretch before and after workout respectively to avoid any injuries.

  • Combo 1: Wide Grip Pull ups (3 * 10) superset Push ups (3 * 15)
  • Combo 2: Machine Leg Press (3 * 10) superset Lying Leg Curl (3 * 15)
  • Combo 3: Seated DB Press (3 * 10) superset Cable Side Laterals (3 * 10)
  • Combo 4: Triceps V-Bar Pushdown (3 * 12) superset Incline DB Curl(3 * 12)

Rest between each set should be anywhere between 60 – 90 sec and each combination should be two minutes for optimal muscle recovery.

Click the below image for more fat burning and muscle building workouts as per your fitness goals.

Did you find the article useful? Do you superset exercises any other way than mentioned above? Please leave your comments below as your feedback is most valuable for us.

Good Luck!

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