How many times have you felt that your friend or neighbour looks much better than you or he/she has something that you don’t have? Remember that you are born uniquely and that uniqueness alone makes you special. It doesn’t matter if you are tall or dark or short or fat, you are unique in your own way. But most of the times the human tendency to want something more out of everything makes you feel insecure and stop loving themselves and start complaining about themselves which affect their Lives in every possible way. Self Love is very important to all of us. It helps in our joy, overall well-being and also helps us in living the Life that we want  to.

Remember ‘If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you?‘ But do not worry. IN this article, you’ll learn 7 killer ways to love the way you are, accept yourself more and attract more love into your life.

7 killer ways to love the way you are

Let’s start loving ourselves!

1. Accept yourself

I feel this is the most important tip that I can give you here. There are certain things in you that can’t be changed after a certain point. You have got no other choice but to accept them happily. For example, your height can’t increase after 30 years of age just because your partner wants to see a change in you. So accept the way you are and you are half way through already.

2. Ditch your inner critic

Sometimes our biggest enemy lies within us which stops us from striding ahead. So the next when you look into the mirror, stop looking at the things that you don’t like and start focusing on good things. It might be your hands or hair or even those thick eyelashes that make your eyes look beautiful and intriguing. Stop being a critic and start loving yourself.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

Yes. This is very important because when you surround yourself with people who are positive and feel good about themselves, the same attitude can have a positive impact on you by accepting everything about yourself by accepting the differences. Having Positive people around you is very important in every walk of your life. So start surrounding yourself with people who are positive, encouraging and bring out the best in you.

4. Start working out

We all know the numerous benefits of exercise. It releases the feel-good hormones called endorphins and makes us feel better about ourselves. Not just that it makes you look younger, fitter and sexier. From now on, let exercise be your stress buster instead of some junk food or a worthless movie where you spend around 100 mins for nothing.

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5. Read good content

Reading helps us in many ways. Today, there is no scarcity of information but it is very rare to find quality and good stuff which enriches your personality. It can change your whole perspective on Life. Look for quality information around the web on confidence building, personal development, leadership, etc.It has so much to offer from personal development to finance to relationships. And also read books from time to time as we all know that what benefits reading has to offer us.  I still read this one particular book every day at least 15 min even if I’m starved for time.

6. Treat your body with love

Your body is the only place you have to live in. Take care of it.

Apart from working out regularly, give yourself a massage once in a fortnight or get a cool haircut done. It definitely changes your thinking. It gives you a fresh look. But remember, no matter how many changes you make, in the end, you have got to realise that you are special and beautiful even without all those things. Don’t get addicted to all these. they only enhance your already beautiful body.

7. Start writing a journal

By asking you to write a journal I do not mean to write how your day went by and put everything on a paper. Put positive affirmations about yourself every day in the morning and feel each and every word you have written in the morning and before you sign off for the day. Remember that Words are Thoughts.You can also use post-it notes with feel good stuff about you and stick them at places in your home or workplace you regularly visit. Also, put some of your best photographs as your mobile/laptop wallpaper. Here is an article which guides you in writing a fitness journal which helps you in seeing the changes happening in your body.

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Additional Tips:
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Befriend your inner image
  • Never talk negatively about you or others
  • Always wear a positive look on your face
  • Never compare yourself with others. You are special in your own ways
  • Never maintain fake personality
  • Be at peace with yourself

I hope after reading this article, you start embracing yourself and see how beautiful and special you are. If you’ve found this article useful, kindly share with others as it motivates us to produce more informational and quality content.

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Good Luck!

To Your Health and Fitness,

Ravi Kumar G.

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