You have all your travel plans set and your ticket ready to leave. But have you considered what you are going to be eating while on your vacation and whether these foods are going to be safe for consumption? There is a high possibility that the food you are going to be eating may be contaminated. If you have been on a healthy diet, chances are you will find it difficult to maintain this diet while you are away.

9 Food Safety Tips while Travelling

These are some of the food safety tips that may help you while you are away.

Before the trip

Plan ahead

Before you make your trip, you need to make prior preparations that may arise while you are on your trip. This may be related to food or otherwise. Anything could happen that could affect your stay at your new destination.

Smart pack

Ensure you pack smartly before you travel. This means you must ensure you have all your vital documents with you before your departure. Your health insurance card should be on you at all times and also pack your health travel kit if you have one. If you happen to be on any prescription medication, carry it on your hand luggage.

Consult a medical professional

Before you embark on your international trip, you must ensure you meet up with your medical practitioner. This will help you be updated with your vaccines depending on your destination and any other medication that you may need.

While travelling to a popular destination

Germs have no boundaries

When you are travelling to a popular destination, you stand a high chance of being infected by germs irrespective of the destinations. You may be exposed to dangers such as raw or partially cooked meat or fish that may turn out to be detrimental to your health.

Clean does not always mean healthy

Do not expose yourself to dangers that are associated with water or food. Some water may look clean but may be unfit for human consumption. Ensure you only consume water from bottles or better still, you might want to travel with your own water. Also, avoid eating foods that are prepared with contaminated water.

Avoid room temperature foods

Foods that are exposed to room temperature over long periods of time are usually unhealthy since they are exposed to bacteria. These may also include buffet style serving. Always ensure you go for foods that have been stored in a refrigerator or hot foods that are free of bacteria.

When travelling to a remote destination

Err on the cautious side

When travelling to a remote destination, you will want to be more cautious on the type of food you eat. Even though there is the temptation of enjoying the local foods, some of these foods may be raw and full of bacteria that may affect your health. Also, the drinking water you are exposed to should be clean no matter what. Avoid drinking water from the well or from other unknown sources.

Go for hot foods

Ensure you stick to eating foods that has been cooked and served while still hot. If you must take any beverage, make sure the beverage is in a sealed container from a trusted manufacturer.

Don’t be a food enthusiast

While you may be tempted to go for locally prepared foods from street vendors because they are exotic, be cautious while at it. Avoid foods that are sold at the roadside no matter the temptation, especially the bush meat.

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