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What is Dieting?

Dieting is not about eating less food… Rather, it’s about eating the right food at the right time in the right proportions… ~ FitMonk Please follow and like us:0

10 Bizarre Ways Sex can make you a Better Person

Since early man times, the art of love making (sex) has meant different things for different regions and cultures. For some people it is magical and for others it is purely physical and a form of pleasure. Few people also… Continue Reading →

Why Setting Goals is Important to Achieve Results

Have you set a goal to finally “lose 20 lbs” or “wear a bikini this summer”? Have you written down this goal, read it daily, and taken action steps to make this goal a reality? You are still overlooking one… Continue Reading →

7 killer ways to Love the Way You are

How many times have you felt that your friend or neighbour looks much better than you or he/she has something that you don’t have? Remember that you are born uniquely and that uniqueness alone makes you special. It doesn’t matter if… Continue Reading →

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