The one activity that cuts fat, builds muscle, boots metabolism, reduces the risk of heart attack, strengthens bones and improves sexual appeal is Strength Training. One of the prime benefits apart from above mentioned is that strength training can make you lean and strong.

Today youth and middle aged people are taking up this activity than any other because of the amazing benefits it has to offer us. You can amp up your fitness levels and build your dream body with in few months by setting smart goals from time to time and you can see the substantial results all by yourself.

How strength training can make you lean and strong

Despite many other amazing training methods out there, strength training holds its place even today. Almost all health experts these days have started seeing strength training as health promoting activity which should be included in the training programs at least twice a week even for adults. You know that as we tend to age, our strength and muscle starts to deteriorate every year. But when weight training is included in the program, the losses have been substantially reduced.

In this article, learn how strength training can make you lean and strong. Also, let’s look at some of the changes and its effects that occur in your body during strength training which we don’t often see in other forms of training.

1. Increased blood supply

With the help of strength training, there will be an increase in the blood supply in the body which increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Apart from this, there will also be increased removal of wastes/ toxins from the body in different forms

2. Increased muscle mass

The one big advantage of strength training is that it increases your muscle mass but at the same time it doesn’t make you look bulkier. Strength training results in lean and strong physique making you a mean machine.

3. Increased fuel storage in muscles

Since the muscles will be under more pressure when we are adopting this training method, you are in a way increasing the resistance of muscles, thereby making them resistant to fatigue easily. However, sufficient care must be taken to give enough rest to the muscles to recover.

4. Increased strength of tendons, ligaments and Bones

You know that the bones become stronger (in other words, bone mass increases) only when we use them and put them under pressure. This is what exactly happens in strength training there by reducing the risk of injury to these tissues especially the bones present in the lower body.

5. Improved coordination of motor units

While doing compound exercises, you use multiple muscle groups to perform one exercise. So when all the muscle groups involved are in coordination with one another only then the results can be seen. In this way, weight training improves the coordination of your motor units making them work as a single unit.

These are some of the changes and effects of strength training that you observe when following a strength training routine which results in lean and strong physique.

Additional Tips:

  • If you are new to strength training, consult a good physician before starting
  • Start with baby steps. Include one or two days a week in the beginning
  • Make sure you give enough rest to your muscles to recover
  • Do not perform heavy weight training right from the first day of your training
  • Try to do weight training under the supervision of a good coach

From now on make sure that you include strength training in your program or start taking it seriously if you have already included it.

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Good Luck!

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