How often do you feel your office chair doesn’t match the level of comfort at work? More often, we ignore the fact that a comfortable ergonomic office chair is what we need to support both the quality of work we produce and better heath conditions. Sticking to the seat for long hours causes various health issues and when the chair itself is not right, the situation gets worse for you. So, it is better recommended to have the best affordable ergonomic office chair.

We have more information to support this fact discussed in this post. Know how you can get the most effective and comfortable office chair to maintain good physical health conditions.

lower back pain

You will find office chairs in a wide range of varieties in terms of style, size and design. You have three main categories to choose from, when purchasing an office chair – low back chairs, mid back office chairs and high back office chairs.

  • The low-back office chair offer lumbar support to your lower and mid-back. It is versatile as you stand up, lean forward and move at frequent intervals.
  • The mid-back category is to support your spinal curve and protect the middle and lower back as it always alerts you to take the straight posture.
  • The high-back office chair provides the required support to your upper back, neck and shoulders for a comfortable day.

Now, let us talk about the ergonomic features to look for in your new office chair.

  • Lumbar and back support: Remember, a good chair is one with a backrest preventing back pain rather than being the reason behind it. You should go for an adjustable backrest which doesn’t make you slouch. Look for best office chairs for back support.
  • Optimum seat depth: As you adjust the seat depth, it improves circulation and relieves back pain. You should have an ergonomic office chair that provides good seat depth as your full fist adjusts perfectly between the front of the chair and your calves giving highest level comfort.
  • Adjustable armrests: If the armrest is tense, it will cause pain in your neck, wrists and shoulders. Always stick to a chair with adjustable armrest for relaxing and comfortable day at work.
  • Firm footing: With a chair having firm footing, you can avoid problems of circulation, can sit straighter and keep the right posture for long.

As you now know the characteristics and categories of office chair to rely on, you can definitely choose the best affordable ergonomic office chair for back pain. To sum up, look for a category (low-back, mid-back or high-back) that suits you best and also ensure it has maximum ergonomic features to prevent back pain, neck and shoulder problems.

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