Since the 18th century, exercise machines similar to modern bikes have been in existence. In the recent decades, many bikes have emerged for riding such as indoor cycling bikes, upright bikes and recumbent bikes. These bikes are convenient to workout indoors in the comfort of your own home or an air conditioned gym.

Today there are also rollers which can accomadate a normal road bike and allowed you to peddle indoors just like you would a stationary bike.

These rollers can be helpful in warming up before racing they are employed by a racing cyclist or used indoors

Is an Upright or Recumbent Bike Better for Fitness

Stationary bikes are specially made to provide a workout within the comfort of your home or neighborhood fitness center.

You can use upright and recumbent exercise bikes for weight loss or your regular exercise, and you will find a difference between these.

Recumbent bikes will place the person in laid-back reclining posture. Recumbent riders pick this sort of layout for many reasons. The bike has a good support for your bottom and is also comfortable to carry on a workout for a long time.

Where as an upright bike has a small seat which supports the majority of your weight.

Upright or Recumbent Bike for Knee Rehab (watch the video below)


  • A recumbent and upright body and its set up are entirely different. The recumbent bikes have more comfortable seats, is in a horizontal position, and the pedal is in front of it.
  • The upright bikes are smaller in size generally when compared with to recumbent bikes as it is manufactured with less parts and materials.
  • When it comes to shedding weight both type of bikes are helpful however when it comes to comfort recumbent bikes are far superior.
  • The vital difference is that one needs to lean forward on an upright bike while working out leaving you in a hunched over position.
  • People with back pain are generally go for the recumbent bike as it’s almost like a big chair having a backrest and a place to hold on. Were as upright bikes can involve more stress on various body parts mainly the lower back.
  • An obese individual while doing a workout on an upright bike should lean forward. Where his stomach can be compressed with each leg-lift. The aerodynamic riding posture will grant body mass to be more dispersed permitting the rider to exercise.

In all both exercise bikes are used for therapy because of there various benefits such as safety, cardiovascular exercise, less strain or stress on the body parts etc when compared to running.

The movement doesn’t involve actions that some physical fitness equipment may employ and doesn’t put a huge amount of stress on the joints.

All in all it is generally better for someone just getting started to use a recumbent bike and then eventually move on to an upright bike as they continue to progess.

Good Luck!

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