It requires dedication, discipline, consistency and hard work to attain a body as fabulous and envious as Deepika Padukone. Right from her childhood, Deepika has always been a fitness freak. Before she joined the film industry she had been a state level badminton player and a model. Fitness is a part of Deepika’s lifestyle. She always starts her day with a workout, something that she enjoys doing every day.  If you are ready to work as hard as the gorgeous Bollywood (recently stepped into Hollywood) actress, here are the fitness secrets of Deepika Padukone.

Top 4 Fitness Secrets of Deepika Padukone

If you are ready to work as hard as the gorgeous Bollywood (recently stepped into Hollywood) actress, here are Deepika Padukone’s fitness secrets for you.

1. Daily Workout
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Exercises have been an essential part of Deepika Padukone’s daily routine since her growing up years. However, when she misses her morning exercise because of busy schedule she works out whenever she gets time. She tries to work out six times a week.

2. Pilates for Flexibility

To stay in perfect shape, Deepika Padukone does pilates apart from yoga and a 30 minute walk. Her athletic body is perfectly suited for pilates. Pilates help in working out the entire body. For the maximum benefit and to avoid boredom, she tries to do different types of workout each day.

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Although she loves most doing pilates on the reformer, her pilates routine also includes working out on Cadillac, Core Align, Wunda Chair, MOTR and the classic mat workouts. According to Deepika, the advantage of doing pilates is that unlike the conventional gym workouts you do not get tired but can reap equal benefits with pilates.

3. Stay Active by Playing Sports
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It is quite natural that Prakash Padukone’s daughter loves playing badminton from her school days. Earlier she used to play badminton in her father’s badminton academy for two hours. Now she plays whenever time permits. Deepika advises people who don’t like going to gym to stay active by participating in any sport of their choice.

4. Healthy Diet

Deepika Padukone does not believe that a strict diet can help you to lose weight. She does not believe in fad diets and eats everything she enjoys eating, however, in moderation. Being a south Indian, her diet includes rice, coconut milk, and even sweets. Her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala recently started suggesting her Quinoa, an excellent source of carbohydrates rich in fiber and other nutrients and vitamins.

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The diet routine on a typical day includes-


  • 2 egg whites
  • Low fat milk


  • In non-veg, she likes  fishes, generally grilled to avoid extra fat
  • In veg, she eats vegetables.

Evening Snacks


  •  She avoids non-veg and other heavy food at night.
  • Just eats salads, roti (chapati), veggies. i.e. a complete balanced diet, which provides her almost every nutrient. She avoids rice at night.

After every 2 hours

  • After every 2 hours, as suggested by her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, Deepika eats fresh fruits or sometimes drinks fresh fruit juices; whichever she likes.

So what are you waiting for? Now that know the fitness secrets of Deepika Padukone, be inspired by her and get an envious body for yourself.

PS: Never try to imitate a celeb workout since your lifestyle is entirely different from theirs though your goals may or may not be same.

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Good Luck!

To your health and fitness,

Ravi Kumar G.

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