In today’s world, grip training is almost synonymous to closing a Captains of Crush Gripper. There is no denying the fact that it’s an excellent tool to develop “crush” grip but that’s not the only type of grip there is and that you have to work on. There are several types of grip and various exercises that train different muscle groups involved in grip training. In this article, we will learn about various types of grip and how they are useful to us in our daily lives.


What are the different types of grip

This article is for everyone who wants to know different types of grip, exercises, build a powerful grip and increase their fitness gains.

Let’s get to the business and learn about different types of grip!

1. Crush Grip

Crushing is the action of closing your hand around something and squeezing. This is what you do every time you hold onto a dumbbell or barbell or kettlebell or a gripper. This is the most common type of Grip Training that most people undergo without complete knowledge on types of grip and various exercises needed to develop each of those.


2. Pinch grip

Pinching is the action of holding onto an object and squeezing with just the upper part of your fingers and not letting it drop. It can also be the act of pinching something together with just your fingertips just like when we pinch someone’s chubby cheeks (of course not to the extent that their faces become red and they start crying :D). For example, when you hold a weight plate with your fingertips and start walking or even doing plate curls (bicep curls with plates), you observe that all your fingers, wrists, and forearms are into action. This improves your pinch grip to a very large extent.

3. Supporting Crush Grip

As the name indicates, this is the act of supporting an object or load with a crush grip where most of the load is supported with your fingers wrapped around it. Some of the common examples are carrying a heavy dumbbell during farmers walk, barbell rowing, deadlifts or even carrying your grocery bags by the handle.

4. Open Crush Grip

This type of grip is when you are using a crush grip but your fingers don’t quite touch or overlap. Fat bar or awkward object holds are great to train open crush grip. The real life example over here would be an easier time opening jars (among other things) when your fingers are spread open. Having a strong open crush grip really comes in handy! To really improve your open crush grip, try using FatGripz which builds strong and powerful arms along with grip strength.


5. Finger Extension

This technically isn’t a type of grip in every sense of the word but it trains from the synergistic muscles to the ones you use for grip. This keeps a healthy muscle balance in your hands, fingers and wrists, which aids in preventing injury and overuse of those muscle groups. They will also help in improving your actual grip strength! To train this type of grip, IronMind bands can be very helpful.

These are the different types of grip and each one of them is important for the overall development of your arms, grip and in turn increase your fitness gains.

To know various exercises, tools and the type of training required to develop each of these types of grip, stick around FitMonk and master all the training techniques using our huge archive of resources and information.

In case you or your friends need some help with building a strong and powerful grip, feel free to contact or leave your comments below. I’ll do my best in helping you reach your goals.

Good Luck!

To your health and fitness,

Ravi Kumar G.

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