While there are so many online fitness IQ quizzes, this will really help you to assess your basic knowledge on health and fitness. With more people getting interested and responsible towards health, this will be a starting step towards a successful fitness journey. At the same time, knowing the fundamentals will help you to optimise your routine and diet more effectively.

The below fitness IQ quiz is for anyone

  • who is  starting their fitness journey
  • keen on testing fitness IQ levels
  • who loves taking online quizzes
  • with a passion for health and fitness
  • who like to inspire and motivate others to live a healthy and fit life


This quiz scores you on a range of 2 – 31 with 31 being the maximum.

If your score is between

  • 2 -13, implies you have low IQ levels
  • 14 – 23, implies average IQ levels
  • 24 – 31, implies high IQ levels

According to a survey conducted by top health institutions, people who are supposedly leading active lifestyle lack in fundamental fitness concepts. And that’s one of the main reasons for the quiz to take this form.

Once you finish the quiz, you can see your detailed results which help you to understand your weak areas. You also have the option to send a copy of your answers to your working email id.


Hope this quiz will help you in determining your Fitness IQ levels and develop your knowledge on health and fitness.

Have you taken the quiz yet? If so, how did you find the fitness IQ quiz? Please leave your score and comments below as it inspires others as well.

Good Luck!

If you or your friends need some help with your health and fitness goals, kindly contact or shoot an email to info@fitmonk.org.

To your health and fitness,

Ravi Kumar G.

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