FitMonk Guidelines – Read’em First!

Thanks for your interest in writing for FitMonk, the leading source to find the best and practical ways to live a healthy and fit life. This is not the place for fad diets and quick weight loss programs. We feature posts from you on all kinds of workouts, nutrition, motivation and more.

To get a sense for the type of work we feature, it is strictly recommended to read our blog. We like to publish in-depth, actionable, useful, and practical posts that will help our readers and reach their fitness goals.

Write for Us

Do you have expertise on a topic that you’d love to share with our audience? Please share your Google Doc with

Here’s how to submit your guest post for review:

  • Please submit your own original work. Previously published or plagiarised content will be declined
  • We’re looking for content with in-depth and actionable information that will help our readers
  • Observe any copyright or usage restrictions regarding images, obtain permission for use, and cite the source of your image. You can find high-quality royalty free images from Photodune and Shutterstock
  • If you are providing us the featured image to your post, then please submit them at 720(width) by 340 (height) pixels. You can use Canva or PicMonkey for this job
  • Links in a post are welcome, but must be non-promotional and relevant to the post. We do not allow affiliate links
  • Off-topic posts and spam will not be entertained at any cost

Below we’ve compiled a few FAQs which you might find useful for submitting your guest post to FitMonk. If you still have questions, please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I write about?

To get a sense for the type of work we feature, it is recommended to read our blog! We like to publish in-depth, practical, actionable advice, posts that will help our readers and reach their fitness goals. Make sure you write in the “you” voice as much as possible, then support your points with personal experience, stories, and stats. Make them as informative as possible in a clear way.

How long should my posts be?

We like to feature in-depth and informative articles as much as possible. Try to write at least 700 words of high quality.

Can I repost my submission on my blog?

A strict NO! If we publish your post on FitMonk, we retain the rights to that content. We don’t allow republishing on your own blog or any other website for mutual benefit. Did you know republishing content can hurt blog SEO and traffic for everyone involved? If we find out that the content is republished elsewhere, it will be removed from our blog and your chances of getting accepted for further guest posts on FitMonk will decrease.

Will I be paid?

Typically, no, apart from few exceptional cases. When you contribute to FitMonk, you’ll get a by-line and two-sentence bio that includes a link to whatever you’d like to promote — your websiteIG profile, ebook, etc. We’ll also share your post in our newsletter, and across all our social media channels, to help you reach as many readers as possible. We appreciate if you share it on your social media channels and in your newsletter as well.

Why Google Docs instead of Word Doc?

With Google Docs it’s easy to collaborate with others without passing around new versions of a Word Doc or compatibility issues with OS. While sharing the Google Doc, don’t forget to give us the editing power.

Tip: It’s best to create your post as a Google Doc from the scratch, rather than uploading a Word Doc to Google drive and then sharing it with us. Let’s keep things simple.

Should I pitch you my idea before writing the post?

We’re happy to consider a draft but if you’d like to, go ahead and please contact

Should I include links within the piece?

Yes. Please include links that will be helpful and relevant for the reader – they can be to appropriate posts on your site or on any other blog. If you can link to other posts on FitMonk, that makes us happy, too. Insert links in your copy via anchor text or keywords. No HTML, please.

Should I write a headline? 

That’d be great! We reserve the right to tweak it for SEO, style or just to make it more attention-grabbing. But if you want to suggest one, that makes our job easier.

Will you edit my post?

We’ll edit for content and clarity, doing our best to preserve your voice. You’ll be able to see our edits in your Google Doc. This is one of the reasons why we wanted you to share a Google Doc with us. Editor decisions are final in most cases.

Should I include a photo?

We recommend you to include photos appropriate to our theme that we follow at FitMonk (you can see the featured images of our posts to get an idea). Photodune and Shutterstock are good places to find royalty-free images. But if you can’t find one, no problem. We’ll add one that is most appropriate.

What about my headshot?

Our system uses your email to grab your headshot from Gravatar, so make sure your photo is uploaded there and give us the same email address that you used for Gravatar. If you plan to use a separate email or headshot, provide us with the new headshot and we’ll use it for your author profile.

What should I do after I submit my post?

When it goes live on our blog, we hope you’ll be active in the comments, responding to readers’ questions or thoughts. We also hope that you’ll be sharing it with your subscribers and on social media channels.

Still got Questions? Please contact:

Before you hit the share button, please run through this checklist. Have you…

  • Added your name, email, website, Twitter handle, Facebook Page, and Google+ profile link to the top of your post?
  • Included your two-sentence introduction of yours at the top of the post which will be your author bio?
  • Added at least two relevant links within your post to other posts?
  • Turned your guest article into an editable Google Doc?

If so, you’re ready to submit. Please share your Google Doc with

We’ll be notified when you share and you can also include any message when you share the Doc by clicking “Add message”.

We look forward to your contribution and a beginning to our relationship in the blogosphere!

Team FitMonk